Morena House, Carmichael Road


Nestled within a dense foliage of rain trees, gulmohars and tall palms, Morena House peeks out from behind the lush greenery that sheathes Carmichael Road from the bustle of urban life. This historical district is home to beautiful colonial-era bungalows and spacious art deco apartment blocks built between the 1920's and 1950's.


Designed to maximise the benefits of tropical living, the building’s layout allows ample natural light and ventilation across all floors. The four bays provide functional independence to four distinct spaces of your home. The tower has been designed with close attention to sustainability. Morena House has already obtained a platinum rating from IGBC in the pre-certification process.

The Residence

Each floor features an independent home where residents can unwind in the living areas that open onto the deck, looking over the expanse of the Arabian Sea.

The OC was received 13 months before RERA Date.

RERA Registration Number : P51900019893