Sustainable Futures Program, 2020

History has offered ample evidence that yesterday’s solutions have become today’s problems. The need of the hour is to dissolve the boundaries between academic theories and practice. So answers could be the means to not only providing solutions but also asking better questions. If we do not question our worldview and narrative that has shaped this culture (and our behaviour), it is likely we will repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Our Goal here is to redesign the human presence on Earth through deeply questioning our worldview, mental models and value systems, basic beliefs and assumptions on The How, What and Why we Design for the needs we perceive, the questions we ask and the solutions we propose.

Sustainability may not be a fixed state or balance when constantly acting out of separation from all kinds of life processes. Rather, it may be a dynamic process of co-evolution and continuous conversation, participating in life sustaining processes.

Thus, it is at this junction that The Sustainable Futures Program 2020 led by JSW Realty brings together academia & industry in collaboration with its first academia partner Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI), to explore and validate the transition towards a transient definition of sustainability; from resilience to regeneration.