NR House, Vijayanagar

A private house developed by JSW Realty

NR House in Vijayanagar, Karnataka, is defined by its choreography of sunlight and use of natural stone from the surrounding architectural landscape of Hampi.

Arranged as a series of discreet stacked boxes, the exterior of the estate is sharp and contemporary, referencing the vernacular buildings of a small hamlet of local farmhouses. A windowless front facade is deliberately severe, offering privacy and mystery but balanced by large picture windows at the rear, crafted from teak, and a series of floating skylights that act as tunnels for beams of sun rays at particular times of the day. The entrance, constructed in Hampi stone and concrete, was designed to be almost fabric-like in appearance - a sculptural arrival that gives a hint of the carefully considered interior within.

Sense of scale

Inside, there is a sense of scale to the minimal volumes that is unusual in a private home. Commissioned by a young couple who are passionate about art and design, the centerpiece of the residence is a dramatic staircase with an open-to sky void surrounded by a ring of glowing light. Elsewhere, traditional lime plaster flooring acts as an organic canvas for a collection of contemporary art and modernist furniture. A series of rugs were specially woven for the property, with simple patterns sometimes in synergy with the marble cubes of a nearby terrazzo floor or the elongated proportions of handmade ceramic tiles on a bathroom wall. Overall, there is great harmony about the aesthetics achieved through a limited palette and the generous use of wood and natural stone.

Sustainable building practices

As with all JSW Realty projects, sustainable building practices were at the core in creating this home. As much as possible, materials were reclaimed or reutilised, with wastage at a minimum. The entrance drop off at NR House sets the tone - constructed from refractory bricks which are taken from the furnace of our steel plant nearby, it is an innovative and poetic use of material that continues throughout.